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Creating lifestyle
since 1989

Groupe Cayman
Real Estate

The Cayman Group was born out of the random chances of a man’s life plus a stay in an ibis hotel, going on to become what is today a family business that leaves nothing to chance. The keyword? Achievement! This Belgian family-owned group specializes in 3 fields of activity: running hotels, real-estate development, and managing its property portfolio. With 14 hotels in operation in Belgium and France, under the brands ibis, ibis Budget and Novotel and Holiday Inn Express, the company holds the number one position amongst Belgian franchisees of the Accor group.


From the acquisition of a pharmacy to the development of a property portfolio took just one step... Discover the thrilling saga of the Cayman Group.

The Group’s development

15 Hotels

200 full-time equivalent staff

15 hotels under


Group 100% controlled by the Cayman family
International developments:
France and Spain

Belgian property
and hotel group founded
in 1989

First Accor franchisee
in Belgium with the brands Novotel, ibis, ibis budget and Adagio Access

New franchises
with Marriott (Moxy),
IHG (Holiday Inn Express)
and Accor

Two residential developments:
Gent Kouter and Brugge Langerei

New buildings for Head Office in 2020

The Cayman Group is a family group, and as both investor and developer it specializes in operating and developing hotels and residential properties. The Cayman Group also undertakes joint projects (residential, hotel, stores).

  • ibis
  • ibis budget
  • Moxy
  • Adagio
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Novotel
ibis Charleroi Centre gare
72 Rooms
Opening 1998
ibis Charleroi Airport Brussels South
64 Rooms
Opening 2000
ibis Dinant Centre
59 Rooms
Opening 2000
ibis Liège Seraing
66 Rooms
Opening 2001
ibis Aalst Centrum
78 Rooms
Opening 2003
ibis Brussels Waterloo
100 Rooms
Opening 2004
ibis budget Charleroi Airport
82 Rooms
Opening 2004
ibis budget Aachen Raeren Grenze
86 Rooms
Opening 2007
ibis Kortrijk Centrum
82 Rooms
Opening 2008
ibis Sint-Niklaas Centrum
85 Rooms
Opening 2009
ibis Brussels Erasmus
80 Rooms
Opening 2017
Novotel Wavre Brussels East
102 Rooms
Opening 2018
ibis Brussels Centre Chatelain
64 Rooms
Opening 2019
Holiday Inn Express Rouen Centre Rive Gauche
85 Rooms
Opening 2019
Holiday Inn Express Pamplona
77 Rooms
Reprise de gestion janvier 2020
Moxy Gent Kouter Center
103 Rooms
Opening 2020
Adagio Access Brussels Delta
120 Rooms
Opening 2020
ibis Charleroi City Center
105 Rooms
Opening 2020
Moxy Antwerpen
137 Rooms
Opening 2020
Moxy Brussels Airport Diegem
130 Rooms
Opening 2020
Holiday Inn Express Annecy
102 Rooms
Opening 2021
ibis budget Mons
70 Rooms
Opening 2021
Moxy Liège Centre Opéra
146 Rooms
Opening 2021
Moxy Brussels Gare du Midi
80 Rooms
Opening 2021
Holiday Inn Express Auderghem
100 Rooms
Opening 2021
Moxy Brussels South Charleroi Airport
120 Rooms
Opening 2021
Holiday Inn Express Charleroi Center Station
95 Rooms
Opening 2023
Holiday Inn Express Séville Airport
120 Rooms
Opening 2024
Moxy Séville Airport
120 Rooms
Opening 2024

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